Timber Decking Cork

Drum Carpentry Cork is an award winning Irish company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality Timber Decks. The skills and expertise for Timber Decking Cork are elaborative which is why you should hire us as we have garnered several reviews for Timber decking in Cork and also from various materials.

At Drum Carpentry Cork, we ensure marginal maintenance and long lasting the Timber Decking. With a team of full time, qualified decking experts, we are able to carry out a well-coordinated workmanship for Timber Decking installation with utmost ease at both personal as well as commercial sites.

Our Timber decks are installed in Pubs and other retail establishments. Our timber decks are able to withstand heavy foot traffic and will survive without discoloration for up to couple of years. It is perfect for caravan decking and for creating an elevated ramp and wooden footpaths. The popularity of Timber Deck has seen quite a surge in recent years and Drum Carpentry Work is capable of fulfilling that requirement.

Our craftsmanship can transform your garden into beautiful timber deckings. Timber deckings are a fantastic way of notching up the aesthetic appeal of your pool, patios and paths by bringing style and elegance at an affordable budget. Not only outside, but Timber decking also complements the interior of your rooms too.

Require Timber Deckings in Cork ?

Wanting to get a free previewing of Timber Decking for your Cork Homes? Arrange a free meeting with Drum Carpentry work and we will provide an array of options of Decking from Timber and other material. May be you require plethora of ideas for Timber Decking? We are available at ​​​​085 8864792. Our sales rep and technicians will pay a visit to your Cork House at the appointed date and will provide Timber Decking prices with detailed breakdown.

Timber decking cork
Timber decking cork