Limerick Kitchen Fitter

Traditional or modern, Drumm Carpentry offers true bespoke designer kitchens and joinery for the entire home.

We provide a kitchen fitting service for Limerick and all surrounding areas for all types of kitchens and take great pride in this work. We guarantee that all the worktops, kick boards and fillers will be scribed properly and tastefully, leaving no unsightly gaps.

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Also you can be sure that all the units, doors and appliances will be level, flush and fitted correctly. We also provide plumbers and electricians and plumbers to complete the kitchen ensuring its done from start to finish for you.

If you have any further questions about the services we provide, or would like to get started on creating your very own kitchen design, we would love to hear from you. Please call us on 085 8864792

Fitted Kitchens Limerick We Can Install

IKEA, B&Q, Cash and Carry all sell fitted kitchens but you need to fit them yourself. You will need professional fitters to install you're new flat pack kitchen. We have top of the line technology to ensure the kitchen is fitted to perfection and take all the hassle out of the installation for you.

b and q kitchens installer

B&Q Fitting Service Limerick

B&Q kitchens can be an absolute disaster to install if you don't know what you are doing. If you do it by yourself make sure to draw a detailed plan on graph paper and double-check your measurements.

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Cash and Carry Kitchen Fitter

Cash and Carry flatpack kitchens are the most popular type of furniture to assemble in Limerick. Many will agree that it is so hard put together Cash and Carry furniture and this is where Drumm Carpentry can help! 

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IKEA Kitchen Fitter Limerick

Most IKEA kitchens are designed in a way that you can assemble them yourself, however if you have no prior experience assembling flat-pack furniture or do not have the time it can end up not getting done.

Possible Kitchen Worktops

Luxury Kitchens Limerick

Our kitchen designers spend time getting to know you and to understand your style, ideas and colour schemes. They visit you in your home to get a feel for your kitchen’s context and ambiance.

Luxury Kitchen Showcase Limerick

ikea kitchen fitters Limerick
ikea kitchen fitters Limerick
ikea kitchen fitters Limerick
Luxury Kitchens Fitters Limerick
Luxury Kitchens Fitters Limerick

Old Kitchens Stripped Out in Limerick

  • New wiring / plumbing fitted where required.
  • New kitchens supplied and fitted to highest standards.
  • Fitting new doors to units and new worktops.
  • Kitchen walls and floors tiled in customers choice if required.
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b&q kitchen fitters Limerick
b&q kitchen fitters Limerick
b&q kitchen fitters Limerick
b&q kitchen fitters Limerick

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