Fitted Kitchens

When it comes to renovating the home (especially the kitchen), one cannot underestimate a well thought out plan to make it absolutely aesthetic. This is where Drumm Carpentry excels. We provide the very best service of fitted kitchens in Cork.

Our creative people have years of experience in fulfilling bespoken fitted kitchen design requirements in Cork.

We are Cork’s premier 360-degree solution for all aspects of your Kitchen. We know what it takes to provide the best supplies, design and interiors of your kitchen. We only use the highest quality boards and worktops in our kitchens.  The designing and interior planning are done by the creative design engineers, who ensure a fine balance of space and aesthetics.

Traditional Kitchens

Trust us, while you may like some of the features of the kitchen of your neighbor (or your known), you surely do not want to emulate it completely. This is where we stand apart from the rest.

Please get this clear, that kitchen remodeling is an expensive affair and therefore, you want to make sure that every cent of yours is targeted to achieve the desired optimal look which will blend in with the interiors of your kitchen and home.

Accurate colors, display cabinets, blind corners, drawers, roll out trays, open shelves etc., are all the important aspects of Kitchen décor. When it comes to giving a real value in exchange of your hard earned money, none can rival our skills and expertise in Cork, Ireland. State of the art manufacturing and highly passionate workforce are the key components of our
work quality.

We have installed thousands of fitted kitchens and bedroom furniture according to the bespoken requirements of our clients. When it comes to hiring the staff, we stick to stringent policies. All our crew people are licensed, bonded and goes
through an exhaustive training period before being deployed into the field work.

Often people associate kitchen solely for the purpose of cooking. But we believe, that every nuke and corner of your home, especially the kitchen should be invigorating. Need some help in order to design your kitchen from scratch? Feel free to
contact us. Our team will lend you all possible suggestions for your budget.

Contemporary Kitchens

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